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Air Conditioning units that are available today can cool your home using less energy than a hair dryer! With single stage or two stage units, communicating and non communicating units available, we can help you to choose which one fits your needs and your budget. No pressure here!

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You may have heard different opinions about different brands of air conditioners. You may have ac companies that push one brand over another. At Flagstaff Comfort Systems, we know that no matter what brand you choose it is absolutely crucial to ensure that it is properly sized, charged with refrigerant, and installed. Even the most expensive equipment on the market can give you a headache if it is not sized and installed properly. No matter what brand you prefer, you can be confident that it will work with optimum performance when installed by Flagstaff Comfort Systems.

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SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it is the method used to rate the efficiency of your air conditioner. The higher the SEER the more efficient it is. How much more? For every SEER it is approximately 6% savings on your electrical usage. So when you upgrade from a 13 SEER to a 20 SEER unit you can save up to an additional 42% on your electrical usage.

In January 2006 the U.S. Government increased the minimum SEER rating to 13.  Any equipment with less than this upgraded standard will become obsolete.

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